Our Programs

Equine Therapy
Connecting with, and training, horses meant for slaughter allows veterans to interact with an animal eager for affection. Equine therapy is offered in a safe, outdoor environment instead of the confines of an office; it incorporates the relationship with a non-judgemental animal; and it allows recovery from trauma without forcing a person to re-experience traumatic events. Similarly, a developing K-9 program will allow soldiers and dogs to work together to forge a bond of lifelong friendship and cooperation. 

Animal and Plant Therapy
The farm utilizes pet animals and horticultural therapy to engage healing.  By trusting and putting the time and love into these plants and animals children begin to develop healthy relationships and veterans are able to work with their hands towards accomplishing an end goal.  

Outdoor Adventure Therapy

Camping, hiking, canoeing, fishing and riding in the Flint Hills of Kansas allows for a unique opportunity to heal and grow as our patrons experience the magnificent beauty and wilderness of Kansas as well as the peace, calm and self-growth nature can provide. . 

Spiritual Direction and Professional assistance in healing

Accredited friends accompany us on the journey of learning and healing. 

Why We Do What We Do 

Warrior's ​Ranch​, Inc

Warrior's Ranch


Founded: 2016

Executive Director:  Jodi A. Mason

Areas of expertise: 
Using agricultural education, horticultural and outdoor therapy to assist in healing past traumas

Company Profile

An estimated  24.4 million Americans have PTSD at any given time.   After experiencing a traumatic event,

such as physical or severe emotional abuse or the reality of combat, 60-80% of people will develop some 

level of PTSD.   PTSD can look and feel like a lot of things, often the happiest of people struggle daily.

We have a simple mission: to save lives, strengthen relationships, and brighten futures using nature as a tool. 

We have experienced our own losses as friends and loved ones have struggled through the dark world of

emotional challenges and PTSD, some succumbing to their illness.  There are many successful ways

to treat the aftermath of experiencing trauma and abuse,  Ours is one such method.  When working through traumatic events using nature a person grows in their understanding of self, strength and reliance.  

No one should feel alone...there is a world out there waiting for our survivors and Warriors.