Our Mission


Our mission is to save lives, strengthen relationships, and brighten futures using nature as a tool.  We utilize outdoor, animal and plant therapy to combat the stresses of PTSD, anxiety, abuse, depression and traumatic events. Military veterans and teens are our primary focus in 2017 with expansion to active military and children occurring in the future.


It is important to us to have the community involved in our work.  This list details the programs that we will be offering at Warrior's Ranch in 2017; as we grow our offerings will expand. Please consider how you can help us in our work-your gifts and talents are priceless!


  • Equine and horticultural therapy for military veterans
  • Animal and plant therapy for children who have experienced trauma
  • Outdoor adventure therapy  
  • Retreats and Spiritual Direction for veterans and current military
  • Professional assistance in healing

Brave men, women, girls and boys face trauma and its lasting effects every day. This can make it hard to function in society and can paralyze a person in a cycle of depression and despair.  Our work is focused on allowing them to thrive again and look with hope towards the future. 

Warrior's ​Ranch​, Inc

Nature-based therapy benefits those with PTSD

Warrior's Ranch receives $25,000 grant from the Kansas Health Foundation

Horses are helping veterans with PTSD heal. But the vets are helping them, too

Thriving Again

The Lives We Impact

“I struggled after returning from Iraq.  Once diagnosed I realized that PTSD is a silent killer and hurt my family as much as me. Working with horses and fellow veterans I understand that I am not alone and that there is a future for me...a bright future. And that I can be whole again for my family.


Army Veteran